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Sr # Principal Investigator Project Title

Dr. Aftab Ahmad

CRISPR/Cas09 based virus resistance in cotton


Dr. Imran Khan

Genetic engineering for enhancing salinity torlerance in wheat


Dr. Hammad Badar

Agricultural input Marketing in Pakistan: Implications for food security

4 Dr. Kashif RiazMetagenomics and whole genome sequencing for characterizing indigenous chickpea root associated rhizobia from thal region of Pakistan for diversity analysis and bio inoculant development
5 Dr. Aftab BashirTransgenic approaches for the development of drought and salt tolerance in wheat
6 Dr. Bushra SadiaGenetic improvement of sorghum as biofuel feedstock using high throughput phenomics abd genomic approaches
7 Dr. Rana Muhammad AtifIdentification of drought responsive genes through transcriptional profiling of drought in chickpea
8 Dr. Khalid HussainSoil and Crop Management in Balochistan
9 Dr. Bushra SadiaClimate smart wheat: Development of heat and droght tolerant wheat for Pakistan
10 Dr. Irfan AfzalImplementing climate smart dry chain technology for improving livelihoods of the maize farming community in Pakistan
11 Dr. Naveed TahirModeling approach for assessing the impact of climate change on growth and yield of wheat and groundnut and possible adaptation/management strategies under rainfed condition
12 Dr. Sohail SajidMetagenomics of Mosquito vectors and Abundance of Mosquito-borne Pathogens in different Agro-Geoclimatic Area of Punjab
13 Dr. MJM CheemaVariable Rate Agro-chemical Application system in citrus orchards using on-the-go sensors
14 Dr. MJM CheemaSensor Based precision irrigation system for improving water productivity of cereal crops
15 Dr. Rizwan MaqboolDevelopment of real time weed detection system for spot application of herbicides in Maize
16 Dr. Hamid Hussain ShahDesigning and implementing the irrigation management information system using cellular communication network in selected area of Punjab
17 Dr. Babar ShahbazUse of ICT in Marginal and Disadvantaged regions as an Alternate strategy for agricultural technology transfer: Challenges and Opportunities
18 Dr. Izhar KhanYouth and gender mainstreaming in agricultural activites through need-based capacity building in Punjab and Khyber Pakhtunkhwa
19 Dr. Sarwar KhanDeveloping climate-resilient plant based recombinant subunit vaccine against Food and Mouth Disease Virus of livestock
20 Dr. Imran Ul HaqImprovement of Berseem clover (Trifolium alexandrinum) seed quality by managing fungal seed infections and infestation with a special emphasis on stem and crown rot
21 Dr. Siddra IjazResistance gene analogues based molecular identification for dieback disease resistance in shisham (Dalbergiasissoo)
22 Dr. Sumera ShaheenDevelopment of DNA based markers fir identification and improving food safety of meat and meat products
23 Dr. Rashad WaseemIntegrated management of guava (Psidium guajava L.) Dieback in Paistan
24 Dr. Sajjad KhanProduction and dissemination of heat tolerant rural chicken for egg and meat production
25 Dr. Waqas WakeelMicrobial based Pest Management Program for tephritid fruit flies
26 Dr. Ishtiaq RijwanaImproving fruit quality and reducing postharvest losses in Strawberry fruit
27 Dr. Zulfqar AliDevelopment of drought and heat tolerant wheat germplasm by dynamic assembly of leaf surface structural traits to self-irrigate with fog water
28 Dr. Rizwana MaqboolRapid development of high yielding droght tolerant lines of wheat through introgression of stable QTLs/Genes based on novel 90k ISELECT SNP assay and circular consensus Sequencing (CCS)
29 Dr. Shahid MajeedEfficient Management of Fruit fly by neno based Pheromone Trap Technique
30 Dr. Zaheer AhmadIncreasing soybean adaptability yield and oil content by conventional plant breeding and genetic improvement practices
31 Dr. Qamar ShakeelScreening of exotic and local accessions for the development of forage and seed production technology of alfalfa
32 Dr. Anjum MunirDevelopment of solar assisted multi-crop dryers and energy efficient storage structures for value addition and food security
33 Dr. Tahseen AzharGenotyping and development of heat stress tolerant cotton germplasm having enhanced quality traits
34 Dr. Asif JavedCharacterization of Dalbergia sissoo and Dalbergia nlatifolia open pollinater seed progenies for dieback tolerance
35 Dr. Imran PashaComposite flour technology; a step towards managing malnutrition and food security in Pakistan
36 Dr. Rakshanda KausarPolicy Perspectives regarding valye chain and marketing issues of apricot and apple
37 Dr. Khalid MuhtaqFarm to market policy options for the promotion of chickpea in Punjab, Pakistan
38 Dr. Khalid BashirCommodity analysis of selected vegetable i.e. Onion, Chilies, Potatoes and tomatoes
39 Dr. Khalid BashirPolicy paper on cotton: The Backbone of agricultural sector and textile industry
40 Dr. Asghar AliPolicy Paper on High value crops (Guava and strawberry): Constraints and Opportunities
41 Dr. Asghar AliPolicy Paper on Oilseed Crops: Problems and Prospects
42 Dr. Iqrar A KhanEvaluation and Management of Indigenous Date Palm Genetic Resources for Economic Traits, Fusarium Wilt and Red Palm Weevil
43 Dr. MJM CheemaSensor based unmanned aerial Agro-chemical spraying (UAAS) system
44 Dr. MJM CheemaField Evaluation and refinement of DSR Drill and Production Technology for Basmati Rice in selected Pilot Sites in Basmati Rice Tract of Punjab, Pakistan
45 Dr. MJM CheemaPrecision Agriculture and Analytics Lab
46 Dr. Waseem AhmadRole of various characteristics in price determination of goat: Implications for production and marketing decisions
47 Dr. Noor KhanGrowth and breeding potential of genetically male tilapia through artificial feed and molecular approach in Pakistan.
48 Dr. Iqrar Ahmad KhanGenomic based understanding of Ceratocysis manginecans to fomulate control measures of Mango Quilt Disease (MQWD)
49 Dr. Muhammad ArifClimate smart’ agriculture for steering food security by fostering cropping intensity in seasonal gaps
50 Dr. Abdul GhafoorUnderstanding dynamics and determinants of marketing margins of citrus in Punjab, Pakistan
51 Prof. Dr. Allah BakhshConstraints in the Adoption of High Efficiency Irrigation Technologies
52 Prof. Dr. Ashfaq Ahmad MaanFactors Responsible for failure of the role of Electronic Media in Promoting Farmers Interests in Rural Punjab-Pakistan
53 Dr. Azhar AbbasEvaluating International Competitiveness of Cotton Production in Pakistan: A Policy Analysis Matrix (PAM) Approach
54 Prof. Dr. Munir AhmadDevelopment of Business Model for the Establishment of High-Tech Machinery Service Center
55 Prof. Dr. Asif Ali KhanIP policy and legal framework for commercialization (Auction) of crop varieties/hybrids developed by the public sector institutions.
56 Dr. Tanvir AliDeveloping appropriate strategy to promote ICT and print media to effectively disseminate agricultural information among farming community in the Punjab, Pakistan.
57 Dr. Tahira SadafImpact of Trade liberalization on Wheat Crop of Pakistan
58 Dr. Muhammad Uzair QamarIrrigation pricing: a modeling approach for an in-depth analysis
59 Prof. Dr. M. AshfaqGuidelines for Calculation of Cost Production for Agricultural Commodities
60 Dr. Hammad BadarAgricultural Produce Markets in Punjab: Challenges and Policy Options
61 Prof. Dr. Sajjad KhanPosition/Policy Paper on Cattle Markets in Punjab
62 Mr. Adnan AdeelPakistan Seed Industry: Challenges and Way Forward
63 Dr. Azhar AbbasPosition Paper on Market Committees in Pakistan: From a Historical Perspective on their Inception to the Current Status of Service Delivery
64 Dr. Muhammad YaseenImproved Mechanism for UAF Synopses and Thesis Using LATEX
65 Prof. Dr. Amanullah MalikPolicy Paper on Date Palm: Industry Mapping, Value Addition and Marketing Options