Scientific Facilities At CAS


USAID-funded US-Pakistan Center for Advanced Studies in Agriculture and Food Security aspires to develop partnerships that are mutually beneficial, innovative, and collaborative and which are accessible to our diverse stakeholders. CAS-AFS seeks partners that contribute to and environment of co-learning and co-creation of knowledge that will enhance the teaching, learning and innovation process along with fulfilling societal needs and community problems.

Public Private Partnerships(PPP) is a unique opportunity to complement the comparative strengths of the government and private sector.PPPs can help overcome many of the impediments posed by market failure, institutional constraints, and systemic weaknesses in agricultural research and technology delivery by building on complementarities, exploiting synergies, and distributing costs and risk between the public and private sectors. Academia and industry strive for common goals to meet the societal need. If the two work separately, the achievements could be at odds, as university researchers prioritize education and basic research while corporate scientists pursue products and profits. Success depends on finding common goals and negotiating plans taht pay off innovative solutions to a much larger extent becuase they spot a market for it.

Facilities At CAS-AFS

CAS-AFS Auditorium is a specialized facility designed to host a variety of academic and cultural events. CAS-AFS auditorium is equipped with an advanced Video Wall that is equipped with advanced audiovisual technology, including microphones, projection big screen, screens, and sound systems. These technologies enable effective communication, visual presentations, and interactive presentation methods. and with this Seating capacity, CAS auditoriums typically feature tiered seating arrangements with comfortable seats that offer clear sightlines to the stage or presentation area. The seating capacity of CAS-AFS is about 164 seats for audience.

For CAS-AFS Auditorium Booking For Events:
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CAS department teaching labs are critical for advanced academic coursework, research, and professional development in fields such as Biochemistry, Bioinformatics, Biology, Genomics, and environmental sciences. These labs provide students and researchers with access to cutting-edge equipment and resources, fostering innovation and scientific discovery within the University.

CAS Building has multiple lecture rooms that serve as essential spaces for the delivery of lectures, seminars, and academic discussions. They provide a conducive environment for learning, engagement, and knowledge dissemination within the CAS-AFS building.

CAS-AFS focuses on solution-driven applied research under the domain of food security. Fully equipped commodity/specialized Laboratories have been established to address the ongoing challenges of food security and climate change. These laboratories play a crucial role in advancing research in agriculture, food science, and policy research. These labs provide students, researchers, and faculty with the resources and infrastructure necessary for cutting-edge experimentation, scientific discovery, and innovation across the university departments/campuses.

CAS-AFS Repair Lab are essential in ensuring the continuous functionality of scientific and agricultural equipment, reducing downtime, and supporting research and education at the university of Agriculture, Faisalabad. This lab contributes to the efficiency and effectiveness of academic and research activities in various disciplines.

CAS-AFS Analytical Lab houses cutting edge equipment and serves as a central facility to serve researchers and students from the campus and beyound. Major equipment include imageDoc, microarray,FTNIR, Genetic analyzer, spectrophotometers, lyophilizer, highspeed centrifuges etc.

CAS-AFS Centre has three floors and and at every floor CAS-AFS have professional conference room for conferences and seminars. CAS-AFS Conference Rooms serve as essential venues for academic and professional discourse, knowledge sharing, and collaboration in various fields, including the arts, sciences, agriculture, and food sciences. These rooms play a crucial role in promoting interdisciplinary discussions and advancing research and education within the University of Agriculture, Faisalabad.

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